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YouTube Cha ne de dprktvradio

2010-09-16 03:22 577 YouTube

Wangjaesan Dancers 17

Dance troupe of the Wangjaesan Light Music Band.

2009-02-24 05:56 14,830 YouTube

Foreign songs

Stort Devushki, Pesnya o Tblisi and L'Amour est Bleu performed by the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble of the DPRK.

2009-03-04 07:15 11,572 YouTube

My Country Is So Nice 내 조국 한없이 좋아라

Korean People's Army ensemble performs this popular DPRK song.

2009-03-19 04:09 3,545 YouTube

Answer of Soldiers 병사들은 대답했네

Orchestral performance of the popular song from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

2009-03-19 03:43 6,386 YouTube